Our history

Back in 1940’s our grandparents planted 1 hectare of Mencía grapes in ‘La Brea’. They wanted the new vineyard to produce a young rose wine, very fruity and low in alcohol. They needed the wine  to be that way because 70 years ago wine was used as refreshment drunk during hot summer days while harvesting the wheat. Wine needed to be light, fruity and refreshing. And it needed to be enough to last the whole summer.

As years went by and machinery to harvest appeared, only a few people were needed to harvest wheat fields. Since less wine was needed to be produced, the selection of the grapes began, picking only the best grapes for winemaking. Machinery for wineries started appearing and vinification processes become easier with a mechanical press, crusher, etc.

Since we were born we have been in contact with viticulture and with the art of winemaking. And that’s something we have always loved. Over time, we came to realize how lucky we are for having such a beautiful legacy which is our vineyard and its importance in our culture. And we also realized that we have to keep and protect this valuable heritage which is also part of our lives.  We have learned lots from our ancient tradition of growing grapes and vinification and also went to school to learn new winmaking techniques that allowed us to enhance our wines while mantaining a traditonal style. As a result, our wines are atavistic and genuine: A pure expression of the terroir.