The vineyard dates from 1940’s, and it was planted by our grandparents. They planted around 1 hectare of Mencía vines in the highest and more sunny and ventilated area of the village. This place is called ‘La Brea’ which is the Spanish name that designates the place people used to do the threshing.

Over time, some other varieties like Tempranillo y Palomino were planted in small amounts. Today we have a vineyard of around 1.5 hectares composed of 90 % Mencía, 5% Tempranillo and 5% Palomino grapes. Since much of our plants are old vines, they do not offer large productions of grapes but a better quality of the grape instead.

We keep on using the traditional ‘en vaso’ system to grow our grapes.  We also like to keep vineyard treatments to a minimum so our grapes can express their own personality.