We proudly produce atavistic and genuine wines that truly reflect the place where they grow and the special characteristics of every given vintage.

Our wines are produced following traditional production methods, both in grape growing and vinification: Grapes are harvested by hand, in a single day, starting early so we can select and crush the grapes in the same day.  We allow alcoholic fermentation to happen naturally with no added yeasts and no control over temperature. This process normally takes up to 3-4 weeks and is done in small fermentation tanks.

After the alcoholic fermentation is finished, the new wine is then moved into oak barrels and left the time it needs for a good ageig, time which will depend on the specific characteristics of the grapes every given year.

When the wine is ready, we proceed to bottling; storing it for several months so the wine can settle down before it’s delivered.

We currently produce two types of wine with the grapes we get in our vineyard:

Cepas de la Culebra: 90% mencía, 5% tempranillo and 5% palomino aged between 10 to 12 months in american oak.

El Lobo: 90% mencía, 5% palomino, 5% tempranillo aged around 5 months in american oak.

That’s what media says about our wines: