Cookies policy

What are cookies?

They are small files containing information which allows us to understand how our users browse our website in order to constantly improve the browsing experience. They feature expiry dates which can range from the time the session lasts to a specified future date after which they will no longer be operational.

What type of cookies do we use and what is the purpose?

Strictly necessary or technical cookies:

These cookies are necessary for the proper use of the website and permit access to sections that feature security filters. Without these cookies, some or all of the services available would not be operational.

Browser or analysis cookies:

These cookies collect information on how visitors use our website and track that use, for example: page visits, loading errors, etc. The information collected is used in order to introduce improvements based on the analysis of the data on the use of the service by users; the main objective is to improve how the website works.

Functional or customisation cookies:

These cookies remember information (such as the user’s name, language or regional location) and more personal characteristics. For example, they make it possible to offer customised content based on the information and criteria voluntarily provided. These cookies can also be used to remember changes made in text size, fonts and other modifiable parts of a website. They are also used to offer some of the services requested such as viewing a video or making a comment on a blog. The information gathered by these cookies may be anonymous and will not track your activity on other websites.

Advertising cookies:

These cookies gather information on the ads shown during your visit to our website in order to adapt the advertising to the device used and provide managed advertising through third parties (ad-servers).

Cookie consent and how to manage cookies in different browsers

By browsing and continuing on our website, you consent to the aforementioned cookies being used under the conditions contained in this Cookie Policy.

We inform you that, as cookies are not necessary to use our website, you can block or disable them via your browser settings. If you block or disable them, you can continue using our website although use of some of the services may be limited and therefore your experience on our website may be less satisfactory.

If you wish to withdraw your informed consent regarding our cookie policy, you must erase the cookies from your device via your internet browser settings. The following are links for the different browsers with information on cookies:



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