Cepas de la Culebra is located in the North-West of Spain, in the village of Riofrío de Aliste (Province of Zamora, Castilla y León; it’s quite close to the border with Portugal).  We’re elevated around 780 m (2559 ft) above the sea level. Our village is part of Sierra de la Culebra mountain range, famous for its large population of Iberian wolves. Its creation dates back from the Ordovician Period (485 million years ago). Main rocks you can find here are slate in depressed areas and quartzite on top of the hills.

This area has been recently appointed Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO under the Project ‘Meseta Ibérica’.

More info: http://www.unesco.org/new/en/natural-sciences/environment/ecological-sciences/biosphere-reserves/europe-north-america/portugalspain/meseta-iberica/



We’ve got a Continental- Mediterranean climate which main characteristics are having a very warm and dry summer (Temperatures range between +15 and +35º C), and chilly winters, even with snow and frost (Temperatures range between -5 and +10ºC). It doesn’t rain a lot though, just around 550 mm per year.



The soil where the vineyard is located is made of sandstone (mainly), slime and clay. You can also find slate rocks in the vineyard’s soil. It is a low fertility soil, light and has low capacity to retain water, so it drains quite well.